Top 3 Hair Pomade/Wax for Asian Men


Gatsby Moving Rubber Spiky Edge (Gatsby Pink)

This is one of my favorite waxes to use for serious occasions (work and social gatherings) especially when I want my hair to stay firm and maintain shape. The wet pink substance is very easy to apply to thick or light Asian hair and manages to keep it intact for the entire day. I use this one in any type of weather as I’ve noticed the wind and rain do not affect it as much as other brands. However, I have noticed it does get weaken by warm weather more easily so I’ve been using hairspray with it during warmer days. With medium length hair, I probably use three to four dabs followed by hairspray to have it maintain form for the entire day.


Gatsby Purple Moving Rubber Wild Shake Pomade (Gatsby Purple)

I first bought and tried Gatsby Purple when I was on vacation in Thailand and forgot to pack my hair wax. Compared to Gatsby Pink, the Purple version performs about the same in warm weather and I feel it’s more wet. I apply less Gatsby Purple to get results similar to the Pink version, probably three dabs followed by hairspray for medium length hair. Although the hold is similar, it doesn’t last nearly as long as Gatsby Pink and I prefer the less wet Gatsby Pink version. The Purple version might be better for night out with friends as it has a wetter look to it in case you’re trying to achieve a slicker hairstyle.


VO5 Extreme Style Matte Clay

This wax’s texture is very different compared to the first two; it is a thicker consistency that is grey in color and less sticky. The wax feels more like a paste but not as firm as American Crew Fiber. The VO5 is much lighter and not as wet compared to the Gatsby waxes. I usually apply more of this to get a firmer grip. After a while of using this, I now prefer to use it during the summer months when I don’t mind having my hair feeling lighter and waving more often in warm weather. I feel it’s also great for weekends and springtime when you don’t mind your hair getting a tiny messy and you’re just hanging out with your friends. With medium length hair, I probably use two to four daps followed by hairspray. With two dabs, your hair would be very light and it would allow a lot more movement compared to the Gatsby Pink and Purple.


On a side note, to improve the thick fluffy look and health of your hair, try to use thermal protection spray or hair oil sprays before using a hairdryer.


Thanks for reading!